Practice Battle with the Crimson Guardians

Today we had a fun PB against the Crimson Guardians, in which we reached to a max of 48 members that attended for the battle!



picture of our 2 troops that didn’t have the Doritos tag but attended the event

This event was a pretty one and themed with a Christmas like uniform, using items that resembled Santa’s Elfs. The leading figures and people that did the tactics were Mehakk, 32op, and Meerkat. The event lasted for about 20 minutes, time enough to have a fun time and practice wipes, formations, and fast tactics.


As fun as it was, all events come to an end, but it was a good run that will help us be ready for Sunday’s big Christmas Chaos battle against the Dark Warriors. We expect more to be present for this battle and are confident of our speed in tactics and forms 😎  Make sure to send lots of love to our fellow allies and good comrades Crimson Guardians! Until next time 😉

Third in Command


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