Super Club Penguin Event Nov 20

Today we had an amazing amount of people attending our SCPPS event! With a reach of 65 people coming to this event, we made sure to leave a spot and have a fun time with everyone that attended! Even with some lag issues, this event was incredibly successful!!!

SCPPS Event Count

Count of people doing tactics. In counts without tactics we believe we reached 65!

This event was sponsored to you by Super Club Penguin 😀 It’s a changed version of what we usually remember of Club Penguin in general, yet Super fun to play! This CPPS supports Spanish as their main language, but it doesn’t mean you can’t play without understanding it! The game is similar and very easy to play, so if you ever want to hang out with friends and play some fun games or discover new themes and events the game has to offer, SCPPS is the place!

This event was a mixed leading event between Jazmine, Intrinsic, Mehakk, Rah and Caesar. With some tactics translated, we managed to do many emote tactics and some worded ones, avoiding bombs or moving rooms to reduce the lag from just how many people we were in one room.

SCPPS Event 6SCPPS Event 5SCPPS Event 4SCPPS Event 3SCPPS Event 1SCPPS Event 2

We thank all the new members from the SCPPS Community that joined today and hope to see you again soon! Gracias to DCP!


Doritos of CP Third in Command


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