The End

Man… It’s really been ten months since we reopened. Wow. It’s truly been an amazing ride family, we’ve been through so much these past ten months and I couldn’t imagine going through what we did without each and every one of you by my side. I feel blessed to lead an army that not only dominated every army week after week but the connection that we made with each other truly made us a family and that’s our biggest achievement. We’re a family and we will be forever, without DCP or with.

We came back in November 2019 and established the greatest leadership to ever exist in the history of Club Penguin Armies. We became the biggest CPPS army in less than a week, dominated multiple armies at the same time, won Christmas Chaos, got first on the top ten week after week after week after week, no one could stop us.


Our first biggest challenge was of course the legendary Christmas Chaos tournament. With the Dark Warriors being inserted in the middle of the tournament, we had an actual challenge as they had CPO admin Epic advertising and pulling in recruits. However, this did not stop the greatest leadership of all time. We went on to absolutely destroy and outnumber them.

After our dominant Christmas Chaos victory and achieving first place week after week, IW and DW realized we couldn’t be matched, we were too dominant. They even went far as calling us multiloggers, cheaters etc etc. They teamed up to make an alliance called TWA (The Wussy Alliance). Unfortunately for them, we had to put them in there place, winning the war easily. Just watch this video.

Domination week after week after week led us to the most legendary moment this army has ever had. The 10 Year Anniversary of the legendary Doritos of Club Penguin with a max of 130+

However, it wasn’t until March that we came across our biggest challenge in the history of this army. The CPOAL March Madness against the Ice Warriors. With over 900 troops being recruited in 3 days and 500 reactions, we managed to max over 160 by ourselves compared to the 160 the Ice Warriors maxed with allies. This would go down as the biggest army battle in CPA history, with the Doritos winning.

An incredible journey we’ve had fam. Not in a million years would I have thought that this army would make such an impact on not only me but thousands of people. Thousands have joined us and called this beautiful army called the Doritos of Club Penguin, their home and their second family. We dominated the community and made it worthwhile. The impact we’ve made on people is unmatched. We’ve been through highs and lows together and we stuck together as a family, no matter what happened. Every time we fell this generation, the only thing we did was come back stronger and stronger each time. The happiness, the memories, the amusement, the tears, the laughs will never be forgotten.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. After an amazing 10 months of being the most legendary army to exist on Club Penguin Private Servers, we are closing our doors for one last time. There may be a slight chance for revival in the future, but it’s time to say goodbye, for now. It’s been one hell of a ride and we are extremely grateful that all of you guys were there to witness it.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been apart of this incredible journey. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for you guys, the amazing troops. Thank you for putting up with our annoying pings, recruiting on Club Penguin Online, spamming “DCP DCP DCP” everywhere, labeling us as a cult, etc. We wish everyone nothing but the best in their Club Penguin army careers and remind them to never forget their orange roots. Considering everything we’ve done this generation, it’s safe to say we’ll go down in history forever. The memories we made through these 10 months, will never be forgotten.

The shield will always be with you wherever you go in life, make us proud wherever and whatever you do, we love you DCP fam, so much.

September 27th, 2020, marks the end of the most legendary CPPS army to ever exist in the Club Penguin community. The Doritos of CP is officially shut down. Anyone who tries to revive the army without permission from the Main Leaders will be considered illegitimate.


Doritos of CP Main Leader


2 Responses

  1. R.I.P. DCP

  2. I can´t believe its the end. Thank you all for everything. I literally can´t put into words how much DCP meant to me, how much it helped me during my time there. I love you guys. I´ll never forget how much you helped me get through this quarantine. You helped me so much.

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