[SuperCP] Time Travel Event

Hello Doritos!

We’ll be taking a look around the Time Travel party in SuperCP! Let’s dive straight in!

Step by Step Guide:

To start, head to the Snow Forts. The time machine sits there, so hop on in and get ready to go!

The first area is the beginning of the universe. Click the atom and head out of the right of the time machine.

There’s a small maze to complete, here are the directions: Up, Right, Up, Left, Up. At the end you’ll find the creation of the universe, which when pressed will bring you to a small puzzle. All you have to do is drag the planets into the right place. You’ll know a planet is correct when you can no longer drag it around.

Congrats, you’ve just created the universe! You receive this pin and this background:

You can also now buy these items:

Time for dinos! Click this:

Then head out to the right. We start in this area, with our time machine.

We’ll start our exploration. Heading to the left:

You’ll find this area.

Here, there is a clothes shop.

Inside you can buy all kinds of prehistoric clothes and items:

Back outside the clothes shop, there is a restaurant.

Continuing on, we’ll head through this doorway.

Where we discover this area.

In the bottom right you can meet and talk to this penguin.

Ooga Booga! He’ll give you purple dino shoes.

He wants your help to find food for the dino puffles. He then asks you to get find 4 items and then return to him when you have them.

The first item is in the back of the restaurant.

Before we look for the rest of the needed items, let’s look around more.  Going back to the time machine, lets go right this time.

This leads you to this area.

Here, you’ll find the pizza parlor.

Inside, you’ll find the pizza the Ooga Booga asked for.

Continuing on, we’re going to head right.

You’ll find this area.

Nothing much here so let’s keep going. Going up from there.

We go into this awesome area.

Watch out for falling boulders!!! However, once again nothing much so we’ll continue left.

Into this area!

That lava pool is exactly what we need!

The dino in the background is a bit scary, so let’s get going again! Once again, to the left.

This leads us to the area at the back of the restaurant.

Going down will lead you back to the time machine, so we’ve just gone in a giant circle! Neet! However, we aren’t done quite yet, so let’s keep waddling!

Back in the area with the giant looming dinosaur, let’s go down and see what’s there.

Turns out it’s just the Pizza parlor! We’ll, at least we have a quick way to get that cheesy goodness!

But we’re on an adventure, so back to this area it is!

However this time let’s go right.

Which leads us out to this cool area.

But just like a few other areas, there’s nothing much to do here other than going right, oh, and of course a little bit of flying!

Woah! Look at that huge shark!!

However, it seems as though we’ve hit a dead end, as we’re still missing the hot sauce, but wait! It was hiding in the clothes shop all along!

Well, even though we didn’t find it right away we did get the chance to explore the entire island, but now it’s time to head back to Ooga Booga and show him all the items.

He’s very happy with us and as thank you for helping him keep his job, he gives us a purple dinosaur outfit, how cute!

Ooga Booga asks that you help him with feeding the puffles, easy enough right?

This brings you into a mini game! The aim is to feed the puffles meat while not giving them things like bones.

Use your directional arrows to bounce around and catch the meat! It’s a simple game, but trust me when I say it gets really hard. Your best bet is to avoid the red bubbles until they eventually despawn. This strategy doesn’t work very well on the last level, so you’ll have to tough it out (unfortunately). Don’t get too frustrated though! You can do it!

Once you manage to do all 6 levels, Ooga Booga will hand you the “square wheel!”

You’ll also get another dino outfit!

That’s all that’s available today, but once the update rolls out for more content, I’ll be making a guide on it! Enjoy this event DCP, and make sure not to get lost in time!


DCP Lieutenant General


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