Round 3: Losing Brain Cells

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SUMMIT, Official Summit Basketball Arena – Firstly, on behalf of the entire Doritos of CP organization, we would like to thank Flamez to not have the urge to slap on the same exact screenshots that he has been sharing for the past year. Thank you so much. We here at Doritos of CP really appreciate you being able to read.

Although we appreciate you doing this, we are sad to say that we here at DCP are losing brain cells every time you make a post. This will most likely be the last post we publish for a while because at this point there’s nothing much to say. You fucked up. SO LETS GET RIGHTT INTOOO THE NEWSSS!!

Disclaimer: Again, this post will have strong language and mature topics so view at your own discretion.

unknown (14)

image0 (1)

This is literally what Meer sent on Snapchat, nothing else. How does sending a picture with the letter S scribbled on it makes it look predatory? LMAO

Snapchat Streak Definition – A Snapchat streak is when you send direct snaps back and forth with a friend for several consecutive days

Hilarious we have to bring this shit up again but seems like you guys can’t get this point across your thick fucking skull. Understandable that these screenshots may look bad or taken out of context, however, do you not know what a streak is? It’s literally snapping blank pictures of the word streaks back and forth. 

It seems Flamez can’t get it across his brain that sending a picture of an S isn’t pedophilia. We loved how you claimed that we bring up random people in our posts yet you bring in people like Wwe and Brad who have nothing to do with this situation. We’re not cornered bud, you CANNOT hide the fact that you had a leader ask a 16-year-old female in the community for nudes and in fact receive them. (ILLEGAL)!! Stop trying to hide the fact that your army leaders made fun of people with disabilities, stop trying to hide the fact that your army had a leader who put people’s faces on a community website, stop trying to hide the fact that your leadership makes false pedophilia accusations. You’ve done literally everything but apologize. Man the fuck up, grow some balls, and apologize to your community just like we have. Acknowledge your mistakes like we have in the previous months. Stop lying to your troops and hiding the facts. They deserve to know the truth about your leadership.

Post #1

Post #2

Reacon, you mentioned we make fun of you because you’re a literal meme. Yet, you’re here picking at other people in the community. How pathetic. Your post was weaker than the songs you made and showed us. The only thing you do in the community is make group-chats, add random people and bitch about how daddy Epic didn’t give you CPA legend. Please be our guest, revive RF, and achieve CPA legend.

Annotation 2020-09-07 194712

Spi101, you probably have the smallest brain of them all. You claim that you don’t have anything to do with CP Armies or DW but you’re the one who makes fun of how people look in the CPA community, you’re the one searching up posts from years ago to try and defend yourself, you’re the one posting on the Dark Warriors website even though you claim you don’t have anything to do with them. Holy shit, just apologize you loser. No one fucking cares what happened in 2014. You fucked up. Man the fuck up and apologize instead of making excuses for how you’re not in the community. Stop lying to yourself and the Dark Warriors. They deserve better. This goes for everyone else in the DW leadership as well, you got exposed, apologize to your community instead of hiding the facts. There’s no other away around it, trust us.

P.S (Fix your grammar dude and take a peep at the Top Ten)



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  2. you guys i cant even
    yal better stop taking a mfing pixellated childrens penguin game so seriously
    its depressing to read
    okay im out

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