The Truth About TWA

SUMMIT, WWE’s bathroom, DCP meeting locationAs you know, the infamous alliance that goes by The Warrior Alliance (consisting of the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors) have done nothing other than cause bias and no amusement in the league. We’ve noticed that many of the people in this community don’t actually realize what these armies do and have done. It’s time to finally call out on the shit TWA does in the league and the entire army community. Hopefully, this post can finally open your eyes on how you view these people/organization after.

Before we get into the exposure of TWA, we’d like to take the opportunity to justify us and put out a disclaimer. Before y’all start your cancel culture shit and try to bring us down, hear us out. If y’all know, the Doritos hasn’t been so innocent ever since there have been exposed screenshots that feature us. Obviously, that is something that we cannot brush aside. However, we have learned and moved on from that situation. Before people who are TWA or anti-DCP start pulling up old actions/screenshots committed by us, we’d like to point out that whatever you have has been addressed and debunked. Bring out the worse you got, been there, and done that. We don’t know how many times we got to apologize and keep addressing old shit. We already got fucked over and got punished for it. We’re tired from sitting back and letting TWA brainwash their troops and spread these rumors without even valid proof. It’s time that you take a look at the shit TWA has done. 

Moving on, this post will point out and finally expose people apart of the TWA alliance. We decided to finally speak up now because at first, we didn’t bother feeding into their attention. However, in recent events, we simply cannot ignore this anymore. Let’s finally bring up that voice that everyone has been finally waiting to hear. Let’s move on to the shit you’re actually here to read, shall we?

Private Shit-Talking Servers

Everyone remembers the DCP Private Oligarchy chat leaked! We were the “bad guys” of the entire community because of that for a while, but have you seen what these guys do behind closed doors? They make fun of people’s disabilities in private servers. Not to mention, this is also considered a DOX as Prior hasn’t released any pictures of his sister. Good shit TWA. 


Doxxing is something that is usually looked down upon in the community and will def put you on edge, are we right? Spi, a contributor, and advisor to DW is seen below posting IRL photos of one of our leaders here without his consent. Kinda pathetic for you to talk shit Spi LMFAO. How are you gonna dox one of our leaders and then AFTER tell people to leave DCP because of how someone looks? Amazing job. DW please keep simping our troops and spamming them to join DW so they can attend your AUS events that max less than 15 and then afterward they can see Spi make fun of how people look in the community.

We’ve personally never had any problems with you Spi. After DW was revived, you quickly took the chance to run away from DCP. Once that happened, you turned to nothing but a toxic ass individual. The only clown here is you, Spi. Consider getting off your ass to recruit for the army you live and breathe in. Instead of picking at other army leaders who haven’t even had one interaction with you. You literally spend all day playing video games. Get a fucking job and a life. Stop making fun of how people look in the community.

Noa, consider actually looking into the people you lead with and are allied with before coming at us. No deflecting in our territory fam.

Leaking Private Information

As you saw earlier, Noa mentioned that we dox people left and right. Hate to break it to you, but you’re not too innocent either LOL. Exposing IRL names of others? Quite pathetic. Maroon hasn’t done shit to you, yet y’all try to frame him for shit that’s taken out of context. What bullshit. Instead of talking to him about a misunderstanding and keeping this private, you decided to leak his entire name to the community. Which by the way has already gotten to doxxers and stalkers. Good fucking shit Noa.

Behind the Scenes of Zuke (IW Shadow Leader)

Does the name Zuke ring a bell to some of you? Well, let’s take a background check behind this guy. If you may or may not know, Zuke is a pretty controversial member of the community who has been done to do some scary shit which would def open your eyes. There have been multiple posts and screenshots exposed of Zuke doxxing, threatening, and even IP grabbing other people if shit doesn’t go his way. The post made by CPAM can explain it all. Hence, why former CPAL admins had to move onto CPAH, since their personal safety was at risk. Although Zuke apologized for his actions, is it worth risking your privacy? People, who are in IW, do you really wanna click on the IW website which logs your IP instantly and even logs it when you just scroll and click on buttons on the site? There’s a reason why it says “Not Secured” on the top of the website. Coming from past experience, Zuke owned the CPAL website and he had one of the most serious IP loggers made installed on it and we guarantee it’s on the IW website. Let’s just pray that no IW troop pisses Zuke off accidentally. More details of Zuke’s actions can be found in this post here.

Fake Pedophilia Rumors

Nearly almost a year ago, “Konrad” came out with a pretty serious accusation of one of our leaders, saying they were a pedo who apparently dates 14-year-olds. What pisses us the fuck off, is that there is LITERALLY NO PROOF. Sure they said things and Reacon took screenshots out of context but there’s no evidence that they did anything that would make it pedophilia. What makes it worse, is actual members of the community believed those rumors without asking for proper evidence. Not only can this get blown out of proportion, but a strong comment like that can also literally ruin someone’s rep here. Dig some fucking proof up before you believe clowns like these people.

Fun fact: Falsely accusing someone of pedophilia is illegal!

Inappropriate Tactics

This isn’t a surprise as this has been discussed in the past, but why not bring it up again since TWA never get punished for saying fucked up shit in battles and events against other armies. Obviously, DCP has done a few tactics here and there, no point in denying that. However, the amount of tactics TWA has done about others doesn’t even compare to us. It’s absolutely appalling but since they have influence over the league, they don’t get punished for it, right? Only a “warning,” what kinda shit is that?

Toxic Environment 

It’s clear that troops in TWA have clearly been brainwashed and have been fed with lies about the Doritos. A few weeks ago, DCP partnered with a fellow CP YouTuber and planned to have a fun Livestream to give everyone in the community a view of how CP armies work. However, your bitch asses had to come at us when we simply just wanted to have a fun stream to look back on. You guys clearly could’ve had an opportunity to film with that YouTuber, but blew it with your fucking toxicity. It’s quite sad seeing how low you stooped just for us to get “canceled.” Truly heartbreaking how you guys lead an army and train your staff to act this way towards others. Jealousy at it’s fucking finest.


“Join the Ice Warriors, they treat people much better.” You’re an IW staff that’s treating people who are apart of the Doritos like shit LOL. When did DCP treat people like shit, please bring it up to the table fam? Double standards, are we right? It’s quite funny how your blind ass can’t open your damn eyes to see all the shit IW has done as well. They totally treat people “better.”

Toxic Leaders

Toxic HCOM comes from the influence of the leaders and higher command of the army. Quite sad how your leader says this about their own leadership LOL. Might need a chill pill their fam.

Influence Over Others

It’s commonly known that major armies do take a huge portion of what goes down in the league. We’re sure that we and others have expressed that the league is heavily influenced by TWA. It’s quite unfair to strip armies of their freedom of speech. If shit doesn’t go TWA’s way, you respond by forcing treaties on S/M armies or invade their entire nation and hopefully get them to rethink their decision? Jeez. Truly shows what you value over a fucking simple penguin game. Jester really goes into detail about it here, it’s a read that will def open your eyes. Just remember guys! Servers are life!

TWA literally has nothing better to do but suck the amusement over a penguin game. How long are we going to let this run? If you haven’t learned anything and want to continue supporting the alliance, go ahead.

DCP is not afraid to provide a voice to those who felt scared to speak up over your bullshit actions. TWA can continue being control freaks and hide from what they really are. DCP will continue to stand up, even if we stand alone. That’s what we’re about. We know we’re going to get targetted by these salty losers after we post this, but hey, DCP has fallen numerous times in this CPPS generation and every single fucking time, we’ve come back stronger. Fear the fucking shield.



3 Responses

  1. Wow they are just annoying people who were being racist to dcp members Infact IW were probs telling the people on that stream to dislike them and make false accusations about us

  2. I’ve always known that they were lying about us but… apparently this is worse than i thought

  3. Wow. They are so stupid! Like, IW can just be gone. Like, they are worser than what I thought. Like, I remember the Gokhan stream. I was logged in, ready to comment sthu. Like, IW just trying to act “cool,” no. Like, they are trying to get us in trouble, never will

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