[SuperCP] Account Guide

Hello Doritos Family!

Lately, members have not been able to attend events in Super Club Penguin because they don’t understand Spanish. This is a translated guide for when we have events on Spanish servers, you’ll be able to log on faster!

Step by Step Guide

Make your way to the SuperCP website (We log on for events on Spanish servers, so log onto the Spanish version)
English Version: https://supercpps.com/en/
Spanish Version: https://play.supercpps.com/

When you first click the link (here) there are multiple options.
– Create a penguin, if you don’t have an account on SCP.
– Play the game (choose this if you already have an account)
– Enter code: DORITOSOFCP (use this later if you want)

Create an account. No email verification is needed so feel free to enter in a fake email (e.g fakemail1234@gmail.com)

Refresh and log onto SuperCP

Select a server (Make sure to look at our Discord to know what server to log onto)

Here are the controls/functions of the game

Here’s the places you can explore on the map!

To get the uniform using the code, log onto the English version of SuperCP and click on the Unlock Items Online button at the top left.


Get the items for the uniform and coins!

That’s the guide for SuperCP! Be sure to DM a staff member if you’re still confused on what to do. Fear the shield!




Main Leader


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