[NewCP] The Fair Party 2020 – Guide


Hello Doritos!

We’ll be taking a look around the Fair Party on NewCP! Let’s see what this party has to offer!

[Reminder: This is a developing party and blog post. More guides/secrets will be added here as the party progresses! This will be a very long read too.]

Step by Step Guide:

When you first log in, get greeted by Rookie! [This could be a sign that he may be visiting the island on NewCP during the party. Join the Doritos discord server for locations of mascots, fast and accurate!]


The Town sure looks snazzy!

Anyone want some popcorn from the Plaza?

Look at the colors in the Forest!

Snacks for everyone at the Beach!

Ski Village looking festive!

Buy some tickets to watch the Circus!

Wonder if I can redeem my tickets for some Doritos!

Argh Matey!

Can’t be a Fair Party without some Balloon Pop!

Feed-A-Puffle anyone?

Here Ye, Here Ye!


Get the Winged Helmet at the Beach!

Open the Golden Ticket on the top right for some cool items!

That’s all the things new in this party! Fear the shield!


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