Idk man.. just not feeling it anymore.

My last event will be on Wednesday. I’ll leave on a good note with a nice spot on the Top Ten.

I’m gonna retire just so I don’t take up too much space but I’ll be stepping down to advisor. I have some real life responsibilities that take priority over a game and at least I tried to change the game up a little bit to make it more fun for everyone with CPAWL, but the reality is I can’t do it if I can’t put hours into this like I did in 2014 which I’d never do now lmao. Sorry, I guess you’ll have to live in this politically correct time period of armies cause I alone, can’t save you guys from CPAH. That really what made me lose interest. Not even sure why I stuck around after that whole ”Cancel DCP” debacle. Media should never dictate armies… let alone ban an army from activities like tournaments lol. By that token LT should’ve been banned 50 times in old CPA… but hey it’s the new era and I have no say in it unfortunately otherwise it’d be a pretty fun time for everyone. I’ll still oversee CPAWL operations but I probably won’t be on that much, can’t be bothered. You can say ”Jester this, Jester that” but man… if you seriously take offense to half the shit I say then you need to seek help. Punch a wall, anything to grow a pair of balls. Maybe throw out all the soy milk? Media should just be media that worries about the actual game instead of what happens on Discord. That’s exactly how CPAC did it. They didn’t outcast anyone no matter what they did and it lasted for YEARS. This is just me going on my soapbox now so I’ll end it here. Do good things I guess and don’t make armies majority of your time! Go out with friends if they ask, do something and be proactive and worry about this later! It’ll be here when you get back.

Maybe I’ll come back, idk. I got the yes to revive LT whenever I want so that might be a possibility. Only me, so don’t get your hopes up.

For DCP: I didn’t really talk much, but I was active behind the scenes in foreign relations. I got DCP the SCP sponsorship. I created NDA which unfortunately fell through. I got Gokhan137 to partner with us, but of course the toddlers at IW had to ruin it because they were jealous. I did a lot coming back here marketing wise but it seemed to never go my way most of the time because apparently we were the devils to everyone over one kids’ comment. Things that happened a decade ago. I’ll leave you with this and it’s to be selfish in this community but seriously know who your friends are because it’ll take you a long way. Pce out. DCP vs Everybody.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for everything Jdawg. You’re a real one, fam forever

  2. You were great jester. Keep your head up high man!

  3. […] Alas, it looks like the September Drop has struck again. The practice battle with the Silver Empire on September 2nd is set to be Jester’s last event as the leader. Jester’s retirement will certainly create a huge gap in the leadership team of the Doritos. His retirement post can be found here. […]

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