Member/Moderator/Owner/Troop Of The Week!

Hello Doritos!

Continue reading to find out who this week’s troop of the week is! 😀

Member of the Week


Brief Description:

Darklord is our member of the week! He has climbed his way up the ranks, constantly attending events whenever possible. He is always a welcome presence in chat, and you can always find him asking questions with a curiosity and an eagerness to learn that is unmatchable. Congrats!

Staff of the Week


Brief Description:
Chan is our staff of the week! He has really upped his game this past week, constantly recruiting, attending game nights, and overall being there to lend a helping hand. His hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed, and this is why Chanmandler is our staff of the week!

Owner of the Week


Brief Description:

Jester is our owner of the week! Though much of what he does is unseen, Jester deserves his chance in the spotlight. A natural leader, longtime vet, and army legend, though we will miss his presence Jester has long earned both a happy retirement and owner of the week.

Congratulations to everyone! 😀
Who do you think should be our next troop of the week?



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  1. Thank you so much for TOTW! Such an amazing opportunity! DCP Family Forever

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