[NewCP] Furniture and Igloo Catalog August 2020

Hello Doritos!

Here’s a guide on NewCP’s Furniture and Igloo catalogs for August 2020, and what secrets they have to offer here. Let’s take a dive in!

Furniture and Igloo Catalog:

Make your way to your Igloo by pressing the Igloo on your map.

Press the Furniture and Igloo Catalog icon on the bottom right.

Do I spot something in that book shelf?

Check out this nice Celtic Rug!

What’s that up there?

Don’t let the Ice Sculpture Knight melt!

Be sure to grab the Mermaid Cove when you can!

What’s that shiny thing in the night sky?

Don’t burn yourself while handling a Brazier!

What’s near that Feed Fluffy Trashcan and Food Stand?

Check out that Archer’s Window!

All hail the royal majesty!

Anyone up to ride some roller coasters?

What’s hidden there?

Another Celtic Rug!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is annotation-2020-08-13-231649-check.png

What’s underneath that Feed-a-Puffle Booth?

Sure looks snazzy!

Customize your furniture items!

Design your dream kitchen with this furniture!

Look at that Granite Sink!

Look at the new Igloo Flooring!

Wonder if a dragon will come across here!

Look at the size of that igloo!

Look at those vines wrapped around that Fairy Tree Stump!

Make a wish with the Wish You Well!

Anyone up to eat some O’Puffle Berries?

Shoot some baskets with that Basketball Hoop!

That’s all the items for this catalog! Be sure to grab them when you get the chance to do so! Fear the shield!


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