Doritos Rewards

Hello Doritos!

We’ll be implementing Doritos Rewards to our discord server sometime soon! We’re adding this in to provide some fun and have actual use of the bot currency given by the Points bot.

To provide a rundown on how it’ll work, it’s similar to the Doritos Point system we had before. However, this time you can redeem the points for fun rewards and prizes.

After an event, everyone will receive a certain amount of bot currency that will be added to your account. It can range up to 1-3k Doritos depending on the event. Along with promotions, you’ll get Doritos too.

After you saved up enough Doritos, you can redeem them for fun rewards and prizes. Here’s a list of rewards you can redeem:

Add your own emoji (1 month) – 5k
Suggest tactics for our next event – 10k
Pick our next fun event – 20k
Custom role (1 month) – 50k
50k Nitro Classic (1 month) – 100k
Custom role (permanent) – 150k
Full Nitro (1 month) – 200k

We may change up the amounts for each reward if needed. Be sure to stay tuned for updates!

Also, we’re looking for a name to call these “Doritos” you earn. Help us pick a name for what we should call our “Doritos.” Should we call them Dorito Dollars? DCP Money? Let us know in the comments down below or DM Rah#0004 on Discord! If your name is selected, you’ll receive a certain amount of “Doritos” from us!

If you guys have any more reward ideas, be sure to DM a Main Leader for your suggestion! We’ll be glad to hear them. We’re hoping this feature will provide some fun and productivity for you guys. Family forever!


2 Responses

  1. Dorito chips

  2. the name should be called “Doritos chips”

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