A Rise from the Ashes ─ Inauguration of a New DCP

Addressed to the Doritos Nation,

Hello, DCP. As you’re all fully aware, the Doritos of Club Penguin (DCP) have not seen the best of days. The army has had a lot of troops defect, arguments have become the norm, maximum event sizes have declined, and overall the Doritos have loss much of its former value.

I’ve decided to retire because lately Doritos hasn’t been it’s best. Our maxes have gone down, chat’s dead often and it’s just not for me. ─ Africa in July

That is not what I want to see in this army. We’ve went from the strongest power in CPOAL, to a shell of our former legacy. This ends today.


★★★★ Club Penguin Rewritten ★★★★

The first course of act under this new leadership is to effectively immediately refocus DCP’s resources to Club Penguin Rewritten, also known as CPRewritten or simply CPR. This move comes after further evaluation that the private server known as New Club Penguin has proved to not be plentiful for DCP’s growth. While it is quite possible that future DCP events could be held on NewCP, we’ve decided our main non-training CPPS will be CPRewritten.

Additionally, all of DCP’s CPPS recruitment efforts will be diverted to support our CPR move. NewCP has proven to be very dry, and lacks the player-base to recruit from. It’s only resourceful server, Glacier, is a gray area for most of our recruiters.

CPRewritten recruitment works very differently from NewCP and CPOnline recruitment. As such, our mods will be undergoing CPR recruitment training. We will also have guide posts on our website to help support our recruitment efforts.

Regarding CPR’s most recent announcement, we will not be conducting events on Blizzard or Marshmallow. Ascent will become our provisional headquarters on their private server. Should contact with their moderation team happen, we will adjust to their measures and move to other rooms to continue our events. As a veteran of 2017 CPRewritten armies, I am very aware of their rules against armies. But knowing history, they will neglect enforcing the rule as long as we do not interact with Blizzard for trainings.

★★★★ Foreign Relations ★★★★

For Foreign Relations, we will at the moment stay “independent”. However, we will still go forward with the participation of Jester’s army league and any other diplomatic negotiations set up by the previous leadership will still be enforced. We do not plan to affect that area.

We will be reaching out to armies around our sizes for a mutual practice battle whenever necessary. We may also consider practice battling more medium-sized armies with our higher command only. Not the full army, not the staff team, and not diplomatic allies. Only our ownership. I cannot affirm that this will completely go into affect, but it is something we will give thought into.

★★★★ Cultural Affairs ★★★★

Something our army is struggling with is morality. Our troops have lost interest in attending events, and are no longer fond of this army’s future. To combat this issue, I am approving measures to strengthen the army.

First measure we’ll be enacting is the Ribbon Statue. All future training sessions and battles will be rewarded with a ribbon. A page may be considered in which will include a connection of all officially issued ribbons and their receipts. We also plan on making medals for important battles to re-enforce the incentive to attend.

Another incentive we’ll be reintroducing is Robux. With our huge Robloxian population, we will be preparing robux giveaways in the near future. We are currently looking at late-August for its implementation.

We are looking into adopting more incentives throughout the month. Stay tuned for those.

Moving off of incentives, another part I wanted to address is ‘entertainment’. Frankly, the army has been lacking the resources to keep its membership entertained. A lot of people don’t find the army very exciting anymore and believe we lack the fun quality of chat.

I plan on creating an entirely new category for game center and game chat. This is so it is not bunched with the other extra channels and lose potential. I plan on also adding Question-of-the-Day, and other activities to keep our members active.


I will be releasing more agendas in the next coming days for the DCP nation to consider. While me and the Army of Club Penguin do not uphold the most easiest of relations, I will not let personal feuds get in the way of our army’s success and relations. I am completely open to reconciliation in a neutral location with an impartial mediator, and keeping our brother alliance.

I’d like to thank Maroon, Meerrkat, Leo, 32, Wassim, Danny, Jester, Bam, Lamen, Cobra, Games, EHUMA, and everyone else who got me here. I look forward to rebuilding this army.


Family Forever,



Doritos Leader


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