[NewCP] August 2020 Penguin Style Catalog Secrets

Hello Doritos!

This is a guide of the August 2020 Penguin Style Catalog on NewCP! You’ll find catalog secrets and items here. Let’s take a look

[Reminder: The catalog has some bugged items and secrets at the moment, this will be updated once it gets fixed.]

August 2020 Penguin Style Catalog

Make your way to the Town!

Enter the Clothes Shop.

Click on the Penguin Style Catalog icon on the bottom right.

Grab yourself some Penguin Colors for your penguin if you’d like!

Get some funky Player Cards for 60 coins each!

Take a peak at the Clothing Items for Everyone section!

Do I sense a Fair Party coming to NewCP soon?

Do I see some sparkles on that Purple Pixel Puffle tee?

Hopefully, we can find a Hansel to go with The Gretel!

Do I see something shiny on the headlight of that Blue Wheeler?
[You can also get the Blue Wheeler by getting an Orange Tabby Cat or Blue Border Collie Puffle to dig it up for you]

Look at that White Flower Hoodie! (It’s a custom item, be sure to grab it!)

That Caramel Apple Costume sure looks delicious!

I see something shiny on that Puffle Wrangler Outfit!

That Purple Bowtie sure looks snazzy!
[It’s glitched and displayed as a Red Bowtie, it’ll be fixed]

That Green Wheeler looks spectacular!

What’s over that Flower Messenger Bag?

That Summer Threads outfit looks nice!

Get ready to blow up some balloons with the Balloon Vendor outfit!

Float away with a Bunch of Balloons!

Get a chance to Build Your Own Hoodie sometime!

View the items from the July 2020 Penguin Style Catalog here.

Be sure to grab these items when you get the chance!

Be sure to get these rare items from the Classic Items section as well!

I see a little something on that Pink Toque!

That Blue Polo Shirt looks nice!

I see something shiny on that Black Cowboy Hat!

Definitely don’t want to wear a Red Viking Helmet incase of a Fair Party!

Beware of the sharp horns on the Blue Viking Helmet!

Be sure to grab the Orange Poncho, it’s apart of our uniform!

Get a Flag Pin for your player card!

That’s all the items and secrets for this catalog. Be sure to grab the items before they become unavailable. Fear the shield!


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