Retirement of Vivala

Heyo guys! To be honest I don’t know where to start. Also I apologize, this is probably going to be a long post.

I guess I should start by mentioning I will still continue to be in DCP, and armies, just as an advisor rather than a leader for DCP. Wondering what to write, I can’t help but think all the way back to the beginning, and everything I’ve experienced in DCP. I came to DCP on December 1st, 2019, as a sort of refugee after Redemption Force creator and leader, Reacon, was exposed for alot of bad stuff. I was unsure about joining DCP, and I am so glad I did. It’s been such a wild journey but I’ve made so many friends and become so close to people. I guess I’ll start with some of my most memorable moments, both good and bad.

I came into DCP December 1st and immediately was welcomed and found a place to flourish. I hosted games all the time and was on chat all day. I was 2ic for most of my time in 2019, only getting lit at the very end of 2019, and when the end of the year awards came, I found out I had won best 2ic, which meant the world to me. It really made me motivated to push to be leader, which I got on January 11th. I wanted to bring fun into DCP, and started hosting fun events starting with the winter formal. Seeing it’s success in making our members happy, I had our February Valentine’s wedding between meerrkat and I, the DCP spring formal and more recently the DCP Hawaiian Luau. All of these meant so much to me.

Unfortunately my time didn’t come without any lows either. My start in armies was rocky with RF and Reacon, but I found footing in DCP. It wasn’t until later, in March when I signed something saying leader-at-the-time Mustapha should be demoted, that things got hairy. I ended up getting ddosed for weeks, with Mustapha, Reacon, and their friends severely harassing and threatening me with swatting, saying they’d post me on adult sites, that I should kill myself and more, for weeks. I would’ve just quit club penguin and armies then, if it weren’t for DCP, where the people who knew what was going on, supported me and even the people who didn’t know this was going on, gave me a happy distraction. I mean in good news I learned alot about routers, ip addresses and vpns lol.

I guess I should give shoutouts now. I have alot so here goes.

32op – you really are amazing man. You were the leader of the family I was looking for. You have taught me so much and have always been the main figure of DCP to me. You are truly a legend and I will be forever grateful you gave me the opportunity to be in DCP.

Rah – please don’t change. You are one of the kindest people I know, and that’s a strength, not a weakness. You are a wonderful and strong person.

Maroon – smart and dedicated, I remember when you joined DCP when swat merged with us. Idk if I ever told you this but I pushed to get you your starting position because I knew you had so much potential. You’ve become one of me closest friends and you always know how to cheer me up ❤

Meerrkat – we’ve had our ups and downs but man I love ya homie. Don’t forget we’re all here for ya.

Marie – you’ve been around with me for so long, and I feel like so much has happened. You really are a part of dcp, you’ve proven that.

Possum – You are so amazing and care so much about DCP and the members, and are so hard working. Realize that, and don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re so appreciated.

Leila – you really are one of the best people cp armies has to offer, and I am so glad you joined DCP. You are funny and so sweet and Lard is so cute.

Danny – I still remember our hide and seek games. Part of the reason I continued into DCP instead of just quitting armies was because you and other people wanted to continue games. I feel like we’ve grown up together, and I’m really proud of you man.

Special mentions. Each of you guys, I feel made an impact on me, whether on not you realized it, anywhere from December to now.

Special mentions, in a random order: wwebestfan, brad/Mars, fishy, Manny, candy, ceaser, Aisha, blank/orionwolf, dino, wassim, Sprite, rach, aubz, smithy, African cupcake, gingersnap, Noa, Erika, frenchkr, Louisa, mozz, poke, Elizabeth/spotty, shirak, Bee, Jazmine, cliff, sweater, mehakk, zamb, cargo, smithy, Africa, coolbean, kawaii Avery, browniey/Nate/Skylark, Lydia, Mio, MightyA, Jaylen/darklink, Roxient, will, satchmo, Eden, 42/izuno, Blair, Louisa, luciferstar, and more.

There’s so many good memories. Christmas chaos, when we made our names Greek gods, when we had the most wanted royal Doritos allyship, maxing over 100 multiple times on cpo, the weddings, movie nights, the Disney pfps, the games and so much more.

I’ll still be active on discord and feel free to hmu if u wanna talk or play minecraft.

I really love you guys, DCP Family Forever ❤

-Proud DCP leader, Vivala


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  1. God I’m gonna miss you so much. Thank you for everything. I love you so much.

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