The BIA Precept

I come to you as a leader, this needs to be heard across all armies in this community and yes, even the ones that will be talked about.

The Black Ice Alliance and it’s members IW, DW and RPF. The 3 armies that are sucking the fun out of this community by chronic whining. The same armies that forced 32 out of CPAH administration or else they wouldn’t have joined CPAH. Did you know they also have a dm with the 3 of them and CPAH?

Firstly, what is a precept? ”The definition of a precept is a guiding principle or rule that is used to control, influence or regulate conduct

How appropriate right? for this situation is currently being forced upon PZF as they are going to be invaded sometime today by IW. I come to you in hopes you see a future for this community without tyranny and only with parity. We need not a sole dictatorship (BIA). I created NDA to protect but i see that can’t be the goal of NDA.. nor can it be the goal of S/M army alliance. The only way is on the offensive. The title of this post is the precept of BIA forcing their will on the defenseless. A unwritten precept but they all have the same goal in mind. There is absolutely nothing that can challenge them besides a joint force to take them on head front. Why are we so reluctant? You must take chances and you have to believe in your allies beside you. What stops them from not taking the entire map for themselves? Compare this to your second amendment, americans. The whole point of it is to stop tyrannical government.


This community is being censored, you slip up once and BIA will come after you like dogs. I am not saying go around and yell crude things, no. But this is in their precept. Regulation and Control You can’t even relax on your own armies chat and mess around because there will always be a snake in the grass waiting and watching for an opportunity to snap a picture weither it’s in context or not and BIA will use it against you. Spineless. You may argue don’t say anything questionable but that isn’t the point i’m making. We have completely lost our freedom of speech and expression and you still sit on the sidelines? Why?

Call to Arms.


You can’t win they will tell you, we max too much they will tell you. And guess what, i’m here to tell you that’s false. I’ve kick-started wars where the odds were against me but i instilled the never quit attitude in my troops, nothing would break their pride and this was in 2014 when i lead the light troops in one of their greatest generations ever and DCP is experiencing that same sense of pride as we did in 2015. A collective joint force will be a force to be reckoned with and frankly i see no other way to rid these dark times and restore peace and parity. Don’t let bad judgement cloud you, believe in yourself and others for i’m certain our outcome will only be victory. Do not falter in fear for we can achieve what needs to be done to save us from these dark times.

Say goodbye to fun if there was any left at this point.


BIA influence is soon to come and this only the beginning, if what i’ve written so far isn’t enough for you then how about IW literally changing a decision in a battle where 3 judges monitored and rendered DCP-TIE-IW-OT. they had complained so much it had been reversed in favor of IW. Imagine if that were your army? i know you wouldn’t like that very much so let me ask you this… do you feel comfortable being in a league where that could potentially happen to you? you recruit an entire week preparing for a war, a pb, a tournament only for them to have enough influence to win decisions in their favor.. sounds like a gigantic waste of time doesn’t it? Their influence grows everyday, Pookie stepped down as DCP leader just because IW were complaining that DCP was getting special treatment. On top of that 32 left administration as well to prove such a false idiotic fallacy that they tried so desperately to spread and guess what happened? it worked and their influence spreads to this day. 32 actually did an honorable thing, despite knowing they were wrong he still sacrificed his position for the greater good of the community but again BIA are snakes and should not be trusted.

The BIA are all in alignment with their precept, their totalitarianistic views otherwise they wouldn’t have all formed such an alliance. If you see nothing wrong with what i’ve tried to open your eyes to today in this post then i sincerely feel that this community is lost and prepare for total domination against you and your allies.

IF you at all care about the future going forward, dm me with your army.

Heres IW making crude comments towards PZF leader, Hidcre. This isnt the first time that they have done this. Heres IW also spamming Gokhan with false accusations greatly deteriorating and hindering the growth of the communities name well after the fact disciplinary action was taken by DCP to rid wrong-doings. DCP was about to strengthen the community in numbers and shed light on armies but IW had to completely ruin it.


DCP Main Leader & Legend – UMA Legend – CPAC Legend


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  1. BIA is too strong as it is. It completely destroyed the balance of power in cpa. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does mean they can do whatever they please with minimal retaliation. BIA boycotting CPAH and IW attacking S/M armies are perfect examples of this.

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