Retirement of 32op

Hey Doritos Fam,

After 9 months of leading this legendary army, I have decided to step down. This decision has been on my mind for a long time and after seeing how much the other leaders are putting in work, I know for a fact that DCP is in good hands and will do amazing without me. It’s been an amazing 9 months and I’ll never forget my time here, I thank everyone whos been part of this journey.


[Warning: Strong language, view at your own discretion losers!] 

I’d like to shout out some amazing people who made this journey absolutely amazing and worthwhile:


Meer – My brother, I love you dawg. We’ve been friends for 8 whole years. I remember us leading the iPhone Warriors back in 2012 thinking we were the shit. We dreamed of just being owners of dcp and now fast forward to 2019 and 2020, we ran this community dawg. We are the best to ever do this. I love you man, we’ll always stay in touch.

Rah – You’re amazing Rah. I remember Meer telling me to go talk with you and I ended up doing it just for fun. You’ve always been there for me and I appreciate you so much. You’ll do amazing leading DCP.

Wwebestfan – Thank you for everything. I still remember the day when I was an 8-year-old  just trying to get Rockhopper’s location when you messaged me on xat and asked me to join DCP. A month later you awarded me with this. In 2016, you saw me lead DCP to #1 without Musta and decided to give me legend. In 2020, you trusted me to keep your army open when you never wanted it reopened in the first place. Thank you so so so much for believing in me.

Vivala – I still remember the day where we won King and Queen for DCPs winter ball. You’re one of the most dedicated and loyal troops I’ve ever seen in DCP history. You care so much about our troops and I’ve never seen you fail to bring positive vibes in DCP. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Maroon – You’ve helped me with so much bro, thank you. You always gave me advice for IRL situations whenever I needed it. I honestly thought you weren’t going to be ready for leader but you’ve proven me very wrong for the past two months. The fate of DCP is in good hands. You’ll do amazing here bro, I look forward to leading with you once again 😉

Zamb – We started talking after you needed some opinions on the graphics you were making and eventually we would become really close friends. I hired you into CPAL and we ended up uniting the community. I will always remember the voice chats that we had when we were making CPAH, we would stay up until 5am roasting the fuck out of flen. We laughed so fucking much bro and made a meme out of everything. Love you man.

Luciferstar & Mehakk – You guys have always been very close to me. I will always remember making Lucifer write posts when it was 4 am for him and him making a post of how I was a flat-earther lmao. Mehak, you suck at 8-ball, you’re a hoe and you still need to put Andrew24 back in your status for another day.

Eden – I met you during a community meeting and afterwards you just sent me a bunch of screenshots exposing people and warning me about them. I honestly thought you were so weird because I could ask you for a screenshot from any day of the year and you could get me them. All jokes aside, you’re a legend man. After hundred of arguments, we finally united the community together. Thank you for advising my army career and making me a better person in the community and IRL.  

Andrew24 & Freezie66 – It was so fun rivaling with you guys. I remember whooping both of yalls armies back in December at the same time. You guys taught me a shit ton and I thank you both for trusting me even after all our legendary and drama-filled, CPO wars.

More Recognitions

I apologize if I missed anyone there are so many of yall that have made an impact on me for the past 9 months. I love yall. 

Gingersnap, Zire, Kato, Brad, Sprite, Rex Tillerson, Marie, Wassim, Danny BOIII, Jester, Maroon, Ayan, Flen, Brooke, Erika, Marissa, Bam, Tsanami, Koloway,  Sahij, Epic101


I’d also like to take the opportunity to walk down memory lane and provide some of my favorite screenshots. Here are some pictures to commemorate my favorite memories and that I will always look back on.

Legendary Screenshots

Let’s start from when the Doritos were revived back in November 2019 on CPO.


The greatest leadership to ever do this. Even though we all went our separate ways, we know for a fact, with all of us leading, no one could stop us.

Throwback to how DCP discord looked in December


“What server are you recruiting on?” Should’ve been awarded smh

yeah ight

Look at this noob ;(

Screen Shot 2020-06-07 at 10.05.00 PM

Remind me what happened 2 hours later noa smh

When DCP crushed the CPO admin army 2 hours before CPO shut down. LMAO


Yo Zire, come get your damn girl. It’s ok tho, I used her account to ban DW/IW autotypers on CPO.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 12.15.20 PM

I’ll miss being controlled by CPO administration :(.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 2.52.31 AM

This the funny shit

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 4.42.45 PM

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 10.38.12 PM

When my man Drew got demoted for not licking Epics asshole.


Bring back Royal Family @trifecta

Rexy pooooo, I miss youuuu

Throwback to when Kato got fired for pinging to leave CPOAL

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 10.24.42 PM

Viv got us with that clarification

I had to put this man here bro

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 1.19.22 PM


Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 5.35.43 PM

Fun Fact: Tsanami leads better than 95% of CPA leaders today!

Obviously couldn’t do this post without a little Musteezy

image0 5.31.01 PM


Can’t forget about these people

The tales of CPO

Vex = Riley, Sugar = Cindy for context 😀

Recruiting Riley into the Pirates was prob my biggest accomplishment!



Meer do be sending his regards.

Gotta show some love to Flen

If you need PH premium, just hmu homie

Love my DCP Privates ❤ Mazen you the goat!!

Most Wanted Royals Doritos ftw

Throwback to this iconic HCOM picture

Have fun simping over Summit fam

This is just a glimpse of my time here. If I had to list all memories, we’d be here forever. I would also like to apologize to everyone for mistakes I’ve made during my time here especially towards the racial comments I made, hopefully, you guys can forgive me. Thank you guys so much for these 9 months, I love you guys.


Doritos Main leader

CP Army Legend

Former CPAH, CPAM, and CPAL Chief Executive Officer


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