Hello Doritos!

Today, we logged on NewCP to invade the server! Thank you to everyone who was able to attend, as we were able to max 55! If you attended the event, make sure to comment here for a promotion! After the event, I (Zambi, Third in Command and greatest to do it), challenged CPA and DCP Legend Jester to Card Jitsu. Read on for pictures, and to see the result of that match!

download (1)downloadice_screenshot_20200714-150616unknown (1)unknown

Thanks for attending the event, people like you make the Doritos the greatest army to do it! Remember that we the Doritos are the best to do it, and no one will stop us from moving forward.  We are the Doritos. Family Forever. Bang Bang Doritos Gang. Fear the Shield.

(Also, here’s my Card Jitsu Match with Jester)


Here, Jester and I entered a game where the round could’ve went to either side. Jester has been in CPA for more years than I have and is known as CPA Legend. Not only are his army skills one to praise, but his Card Jitsu is legendary. We entered this battle, and it could’ve gone to either side. But who won?


Thanks for coming, signing out!


DCP 3ic and Greatest To Do It



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