[NewCP] Snow and Sports Catalogs

Hello Doritos!

Here’s a tour of the Snow and Sports catalogs NewCP has to offer. Let’s go take a view of it! There’s 2 catalogs to look at it!

Snow and Sports Catalog #1:

Head on over to the Stadium by entering it on your map

Click on the Snow and Sports catalog icon on the bottom right

Let’s check out the awesome items there is to offer!

That Splash Background would really compliment my penguin!

I could pull off some pretty cool tricks with that Bad Bear Skateboard!

You can never go wrong with some knee pads!

Is FIFA hiring anytime soon?

Now that Goalie Jersey really stands out!

Represent DCP with those Orange Pompoms!

Is NFL hiring too by any chance?

More than glad to represent the blue team!

I can finally poke some people with those foam fingers!

Be sure to pack extra stuff in that Hiking Backpack!

That’s all the items for this catalog, let’s check out the next one!

Snow and Sports Catalog #2:

Head on over to the Skatepark by entering it through your map

Click on the Snow and Sports catalog on the bottom right

Let’s dive into the catalog and see what it has to offer!

It may not be winter right now, but still got to be prepared!

Those Sweet Mittens look sheek!

Anyone up for some bobsledding?

Hopefully I don’t end up tumbling over in snow!

I wonder if NHL would give me a chance!

Don’t end up slipping and sliding on ice!

Those Hockey Skates look snazzy!

Let the wind float through my hair with that Triple Lutz hairstyle!

Is that Elsa I see?

That’s all the items from those 2 catalogs. Be sure to grab those items when you get the chance!


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