[NewCP] Book Codes

Hello Doritos!

Here’s a guide on NewCP’s book codes. You can earn items and mainly coins from using these book codes. Let’s take a look and see!

Step by Step Book Code Guide:

Log onto NewCP here

Click on the Unlock Codes Online icon on the top right

Click on the I’ve got a Book button

Click on any book from the list below

Answer the question asked

Get a free book and 1500 coins on your first try

If you want to continue entering codes, press the Enter another code button

Book Codes Questions & Answers:

If you want the answers to the book codes, be sure to check out these sites:

Club Penguin Mountains (English books included)

Club Penguin Cheats (Portuguese and Spanish books included as well)

Club Penguin Uploads (Portuguese and Spanish books included as well)

You can only do one book once and can enter 5 codes per hour. Be sure to grab those codes and earn some coins!

[Thank you to Bartjester for finding the codes!]


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