Hello Doritos!

Today we logged on Slushy to attend our Hawaiian-themed Luau event! In the first ten minutes, we conducted the event as if it was a training, and were able to max 56 troops! After reaching a great max, our Luau was held! If you’ve attended the event, please comment here to receive your promotion. If you were unable to attend the event, the winners of each category will be mentioned at the bottom of the post. For now, enjoy these pictures!

unknown (4)

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Here are the winners of the categories in the Hawaiian Luau, congratulations to everyone who participated! If you enjoy events such as this, let us know! Special thanks to Leila, Possum and Vivala for judging!

Best Outfit = Amara

Funniest Outfit = Andreia

Best Single (4ics and below) = Louisa

Best Single (3ics and above) = Tied between Wassim23 and Pookie437

Best LGBTQ+ Couple = Frozy and Aggiepie 

Best Couple (4ic and below) = LuciferStar and Spotty (Explain?)

King and Queen = Meerla (Meerrkat and Leila)

If you are able to, please attend our upcoming NewCP stamp event! Information will be posted on the Discord, so get ready! Remember that we the Doritos are the best to do it, and no one will stop us from moving forward.  We are the Doritos. Family Forever. Bang Bang Doritos Gang. Fear the Shield.

Signing out, see you on the battlefield,

Zambi // DCP 3rd in Command



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