[NewCP] Costume Trunk Catalog

Hello Doritos!

Here’s a walkthrough of some catalog secrets in the Costume Trunk Catalog. Let’s dive in and see!

Costume Trunk Catalog:

Make your way to the Plaza by entering it on your map

Enter the Puffle Berry Mall

You can go up the escalator to click on the Costume Trunk

Or click on the Costume Trunk Catalog icon on the bottom right

View the Table of Contents to navigate items easier

Get some dramatic Player Cards for 60 coins

Direct the movie of your dreams!

Do I spot some sparkles near the Fern Fuzz?

Sweet! I can practice some hula dancing with that Grass Skirt!

Never can go wrong with time traveling!

Is that golden dust or some sparkles on the Golden Puffle at the top of that Quest for the Golden Puffle sign?

Time to time travel back to ancient egyptian times!

I’d love to scare some people with that Mummy Costume!

If only flying powers were a reality

I wonder if Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal can take on Squidzoid!

We got some wild animals in here!

Anyone up for a Underwater Adventure?

You can never go wrong with some fins!

I hope the Lobster Costume claws aren’t too snappy!

Who’s up for some opera?

The Ghost Costume will come in handy on Halloween!

Where is Sherlock Holmes when you need him?

Need someone to open the door? You got it!

I can finally fly using Twee’s Wings!

I’m afraid to trip over my Beautiful Braid!

Who’s up for some sled racing? That Sled Costume will come in nicely!

Team Red for the win!

You can never go wrong with a Migrator as a mascot!

Let’s take a adventure to outer space!

Let’s explore the secrets of the bamboo forest!

Perhaps I could adopt a guardian dog!

I’d ring the bells nonstop with that Court Jester Hat!

Is that some magic or sparkles I see on the green jewel of the Countess Steeple Hat?

This will totally go with the Bard Outfit!

Is that some sparkles hidden in that White Fuzzy Beard?

This will go great with the Gnome Costume!

I hope the ghosts don’t come to haunt us!

I’m living for the Tri-Color Scarf!

That’s the walkthrough of the Costume Trunk Catalog! These items will always be available to you, grab them when you get a chance!

[Thank you to Zambi for the screenshots!]


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