Hey Doritos!

Although we didn’t announce this 24+ hours in advance, our leaders scheduled an AUSIA training to practice our tactics, formations, etc. Midst event, it turned to a U-LEAD, so we were able to see a range of tactics. Some wacky, some showing Doritos pride, and many more! Thank you to those who attended, we were able to max 35! If you attended, comment here for a promotion! Remember to attend tomorrow’s Hawaiian Luau, times will be at the bottom of the post.

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DCP’s Hawaiian Luau

6:00 AM AEST – 4PM EST – 3PM CST – 2PM MST – 1PM PST – 9PM BST

Remember to attend our upcoming Hawaiian Event! Remember. We are the Doritos. Family Forever. Bang Bang Doritos Gang. Fear the Shield.

Signing out, see you on the battlefield,

Zambi // DCP 3rd in Command



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