[NewCP] Furniture and Igloo Catalog July 2020

Hello Doritos!

Here’s a guide on NewCP’s Furniture and Igloo catalogs, and what secrets they have to offer here. Let’s take a look!

Make your way to your Igloo by pressing the Igloo on your map

Press the Furniture and Igloo Catalog icon on the bottom right

Furniture and Igloo Catalog:

Be sure to grab a Dig Site before they become unavailable!

Look at this prehistoric furniture! Is that a sparkle I see on the Fish Fossil?

Oh look! A Cave Igloo!

Look at this prehistoric kitchen furniture! Do I sense some sparkles on the Designer Log Stool?

That Acacia Tree would look really lovely in a igloo!

Look at those stones!

Living for the Sabre-Tooth Rug (Hopefully it’s not made out of real Saber-Tooth Tigers!)

Those Jungle Plants would look awesome in a garden!

It isn’t too early to celebrate Christmas!

Is that a train I hear?

A winter holiday sounds good right about now!

Time to bring out the wrapping paper!

Let’s string up some Holiday Lights on the Holly Jolly Tree!

You can never go wrong with some exterior decor!

Consider investing in these igloos to fill in more space!

Do I see something shiny near the Sunny Sky Floor?

Nothing better than some Terracotta Tile!

I wonder if I could fit in that Tall Snowy Tree in my igloo!

I’d love to drink some hot cocoa next to a campfire in a Log Cabin!

I really wonder when Cardboard Herbert will stop with his shenanigans!

I could stash my secret supply of food in that Safe!

That’s all the items for this catalog! Be sure to grab them while you can before they become unavailable!

[Thank you to Coolbean for the pictures!]


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