[NewCP] July Clothing Catalog Secrets


Hello Doritos!
With NewCP out and ready for action, I thought we’d start this month off with some catalog secrets.

On the first page here we have some nice colours, 20 coins each.


Then we’ve got the playercards.


And the classic non-member clothes.


We turn the page to find some fashionable clothes.


And some more snazzy clothes for your summer penguin look.


On this page, you’ll find some water-themed outfits

What’s that I sea? Some sparkles?

It’s a hidden item!


There are pages of pirate perfection to make your day.

And maybe some secret treasure hidden away.


More pirate pages are on the way!

And if you click on the treasure you’ll find a plunger today!


There are some more stylish clothes for your everyday penguin

What’s that? On the shoe?

More catalog secrets just for you!


There is a penguin hard at work, as well as some fashionable makeup


Some more snazy outfits!

And some more fun secrets!

More fun outfits to make your day.


Some sneakers, and bags, hurray!


Some old classic favorites are here to stay.

With a secret item hidden away!


Clows and hats, and divers oh my.

Is there a catalog secret? I dunno. Why?


More classic items are coming your way!

With another secret to make your day!

Wanna be a superhero? Or a Dorito?


Show your patriotism using these flag icons!



3 Responses

  1. possum you’re actually a legend for making it rhyme ❤

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