Hey Doritos!

Today, we logged on CPArmies to conduct a training event and practice out formations, tactics, and other aspects to strengthen our army. Special thanks to Leila and Rah for once again leading our VC and delivering speedy tactics, our troops are grateful for your work. Also, thanks to everyone who’ve attended the event! You troops are the ones who allow the Doritos to maintain our great status. Comment on this post to receive a promotion. Max was 55. Anyway, here are some pictures:



Once again, thank you to everyone who’s attended. Troops like you continue to make Doritos the strongest family around. Let’s continue to maintain our greatness in our upcoming practice battle with the one and only Water Vikings on Thursday. Remember. We are the Doritos. Family Forever. Bang Bang Doritos Gang. Fear the Shield.

See you on the battlefield, signing out:




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  1. gj dcp:)
    ily all

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