Hey Doritos!

Today, we attempted a U-LEAD event on Club Penguin Rewritten where we wore Orange Propeller Caps and recruiting rogues, or fellow Club Penguin players, to join us.  A few members were given the opportunity to conduct their own tactics similar to how HCOM does. Unfortunately, the event was cut short due to moderators mass-kicking everyone off. However, we reached a max of 61, so great job Doritos! Comment here for a promotion!

Click “Read More” for pictures!






Don’t let this event discourage us. Doritos are the greatest family to do this, and we’ll continue living on to that status. CPR may try to stop us, but we’re invincible. Doritos will continue stunning on whoever looking down on us. Family Forever. Fear the Shield. Bang Bang Doritos Gang. Fear the Crunch. The Greatest To Do It.

Signing out, see you at the next event!



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