For The Final Time

Good Evening DCP,

Today, 22nd of June, I will be officially returning to the army I made home years ago.

I opened this post 2 hours ago contemplating what to actually say since its been 4 years since i actually made a post on the site. Unfortunately most of my posts were replaced by toys name because for whatever reason he decided to do that. i’ll fix it.


In the past few years a lot personally has happened in my life, I’ve changed. I’m not going around roasting people, i.e. just being a nuisance. My goals and my leadership philosophy is to hopefully mentor my subordinates and develop them into leaders of their own one day! not just in cpps army.. literally life in general. And truly that’s what I miss, not the game itself…I could care less. For me, its the people and it always has been. I’m returning because one, i’m bored and this is just for fun and not for me to take super serious. The tactician part of leadership I plan to let the other leaders do their thing with it. The logistical side is what will concern me the most. I’ve been away for so long that i don’t really recognize any faces so hopefully i can get to know you guys who have been around longer in this CPPS era. In the coming days i will post a roadmap of what i wish to achieve and some alternate recruiting methods (for staff). I want everyone in this army to know i give chances and trust me.. i want to promote! so don’t think you will never get your chance to make impacts. i hear you and I was once in your shoes.

My History

For those of you who don’t know me and maybe have saw me chat a couple times on the discord this is for you mostly, so you know i’m not just some random assuming a leadership role.

My journey started way back in 2007, crazy right? and from then on to 2016-17 I was inducted into CPAC Legends. Which was a pretty big deal back then, all of your years of hard work had finally paid off in full among the likes of the creators of this great community we now know. Although the meaning to it in the real world is really miniscule lol… atleast you’re recognized for the time you’ve put it in. You can read my excerpt below.

I got a big break in DCP, where I ignited some of the armies biggest wars to ever be seen and its true i did slip in and out of retirement but it was needed sometimes. I’m sure all of you can relate putting your all into something day in and day out and just being super burnt out after a while. Which ever army i joined i put in my full effort all the time and thats how you should be because i will expect nothing less. i like to think i was one of the pioneers of this CPPS era given that i was the only one to recruit off of a cpps. truly i saw this happening where armies would one day have to rely on private servers to stay alive i just didn’t think it would be alive for as long as it has and im impressed. I got the oppourtunity to lead alot in my career, Light Troops, UMA where i also received legend status, and more recently i was inducted to Chaos’s recent HoF. So i have a lot of experience and dont hesitate to ask me questions. 




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