Invasion of Marshmallow + Training [RESULTS]

Hey Doritos!

Today we logged on Club Penguin Rewritten to invade Marshamellow from the Helpless Force! Because they were no-shows, Doritos took the victory in two rounds, so we took the opportunity to conduct a training event! Although one of their troops tried to report us, that won’t destroy our war mentality. Great job to event who attended, if you attended, comment here for a promotion!

Max: 65+


Screenshot_2020-06-18_at_12.54.50_PMScreenshot_2020-06-18_at_1.02.49_PMScreenshot_2020-06-18_at_12.46.01_PMScreenshot_2020-06-18_at_12.49.07_PMScreenshot_2020-06-18_at_12.57.06_PMunknown (1)unknown

Doritos are the strongest force in CP, we won’t let the Helpless Force or anyone get in our way. Even if they resort to underhanded methods such as reporting us (check out Dino’s post!), we won’t fall to the ground. Doritos. Family Forever. Bang Bang Doritos Gang. Fear the Shield.

See you at the next event, signing out,




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