Munching On Ice [Week In Review]

Hello, Doritos!

After passing round #1 of the Legends Cup, the Doritos will begin to see bigger threats (though quite literally everyone else is small fry compared to us).

Ouch, that’s gonna hurt.

The upcoming week will be a “challenge” but before we move onto the next week, we’re going to take a look back at what we did this week. Read on to see the full post! Fear the shield, DCP family!

Shark Tourney Training | Tuesday

Today we logged onto Klondike, CPATG for a tournament battle vs. the Cold War Federation. Unfortunately, they closed once they knew who they were going against. The battle was turned into a shark-themed tournament training. Great job, DCP! Fear the shield!

Max: 76

Tournament Training Results | Thursday

Today we logged on for our scheduled tournament training ahead of our upcoming round two battle against the Dark Bandits this weekend. We again, did amazing with close to perfect tactics & agility. I don’t see anyone giving us a fight in this tournament until we face RPF, and we let them know today that we will be coming for them. I hope they are ready. Read on for pictures of today’s training!

Requested Top Ten picture.

Max: 70

❗ Orange Summer V2 is thriving and we will continue to grow! ❗

We continue to call our former troops, veterans, and legends to arms for this tournament. This year will be the year that the Doritos finally win a Legends Cup! This is the greatest challenge this generation, or the Doritos in general that we will have to face, and we WILL prevail!

Family Forever

Fear The Shield

Its Crunch Time.


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