Practice Battle vs. IW [ICE MELTED]

Hello Doritos!

Today we logged on to face the Ice Warriors for a Practice Battle instead of invading Mammoth, since it was traded to us & terms have been met. We clearly won this battle, edging them ridiculously in size & tactics. This event alone along with the Winter Land invasion shows me that we are 100% motivated, ready, & prepared to beat whoever stands in our way of the cup. And I know we will. The pictures of today’s battle are below.

The Doritos maxed 60+ and successfully defeated the Ice Warriors on Summit

IW never stood a chance but I wish them the best with their rebuild & hope to see them as a pure and respected army once again. DCP victory!

See you on the battlefield,



One Response

  1. Alice
    yup (lockouts for first 2 rooms but wifi crashd at abt 20 past)
    brigadier general

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