AUSIA War Training [RESULTS]

Hello Doritos!

Before I say anything, I just gotta express how hype I am right now. DCP literally is a machine. Upon finding out about the tournament everyone, and I mean everyone, definitely turned it up a notch. And the fact that we just pulled off an AUSIA war training with the types of tactics I saw so early into the event just makes me more & more excited as it gets closer to tournament time. I know we’re going to win this. Our vibe, our family, our overall will to win is unmatched, no discussion. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

DCP maxed sizes of 45+ at this war training

In regards to our war with IW, I am officially calling a ceasefire after Saturday’s Mammoth invasion. We will take two more of IW’s servers and then we will begin to solely focus on the tournament. War is something we can do all the time, whenever we want. But the chance at winning a Legends Cup comes around only so often, so we must not take this opportunity we’ve been given for granted. Pirates will now remain neutral on our Allies/Enemies page; after Saturday a treaty with IW will be made and you can consider them allies as long as Iceyfeet & Whats Up 11 are in charge. That’s all for now Doritos, and remember to check if you were promoted for attending the event! Amazing job tonight, lets keep up the hardcore recruiting & together no one is beating us. It’ll literally be impossible.

See you on the battlefield soldier,



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