Hello Doritos!

Today we logged on to invade the server Winter Land from the evil Pirates, and as expected, we destroyed them reaching sizes of 60 with lightning speed tactics & formations. CPPA never stood a chance. We were clearly the superior army, and by the end of the week we will have all of CPPA’s servers. I want to personally thank Meer & 32, along with everyone else who attended. You guys make continuing to lead at almost 20 years old worth it & still fun. Again, thank you.



CPPA & Whats Up 11 unfortunately can’t count and want to say Pirates held the size advantage the entire battle which clearly as you can see in this picture wasn’t the case. Just come up with any excuse you can think of right? Lame

CPPA want to make up excuses and think that they held the size advantage the entire battle which is a joke, and that we entered rooms early and all this nonsense to try and make it seem like they won. If you lost, you lost. Take your L and show up ready next time. Maybe we’ll go a little easier on you. Anyways, the judges have eyes and it was clear by the event pictures & battle video who won. So come up with anything you want, it doesn’t matter. DCP victory

By a score of 2-1, it was decided that DCP successfully invaded the server Winter Land from the Pirates. Great job Doritos!

And be sure to check out the May 23rd promotions post to see if you were ranked up!

Again thank you all to all who attended, and remember,

Family forever.



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