Declaration Of War

The Doritos of Club Penguin hereby declare on the Pirates. There will be no mercy, its crunch time.

As we are all aware, many armies, including my own (SWAT), were not able to continue on without Club Penguin Online. But unlike SWAT & many others, our reason for merging/closing was based on the fact that we could no longer recruit and the best way for our troops to still have fun & experience some version of the game that we offer with CPATG is within another army. For armies like CPPA/Golds however, this was not the case. They would literally have CPO admins ping to CPPA/Golds chat whenever they had an event, gave out coins to those who attended and afterwards they dipped and the chat was more empty than every restaurant in the United States right now. Proof that they both relied on CPO is quite evident already. Golds merged into IW & CPPA are struggling to get 60 even with most of LT migrating there. It was truly ridiculous. 32op & DCP are the very reason this game is still going in the first place and it was just straight up disrespectful to armies like DCP/IW/DCP/SWAT/Elites who actually recruit and have people still active on chat after events. Using something to gain an advantage that others can’t defend against where I’m from is called cheating. Congratulations, you’re the Houston Astros. (#1 on CPAL, 2017 WS title) Get the gist?

I’m not gonna lie I figured since I failed with IW once, I’d go for them again but then I thought to myself, hey I’d like a real challenge for once. Ya’ll can keep Mammoth, Cream Soda up next for the taking.

So I’ve been told we still consider an army as “the best” because they spam 20 events a week to get first on top ten. So I guess since CPPA are the “best” right now, lets see how well they keep up in an actual battle instead of just sitting in a circle on the ice berg for a half hour.

The Pirates only have six servers, We plan to take their capital Cream Soda on Wednesday, May 27th, but first, we must take the rest of their servers. If we win them all, this war will be swift & easy for us, and we will hold a special surprise event decided by the leaders after the final invasion. That is, if we win. You will have to earn it. The assault on the Pirates empire begins this Saturday. Invasions are posted below.

Invasion of Winter Land

Saturday, May 23rd @ 4:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM UK


Invasion of Polar

Monday, May 25th @ 4:30 PM EST / 9:30 PM UK


Invasion of Jackhammer

Tuesday, May 26th @ 4:30 PM EST / 9:30 PM UK


Invasion of Grizzly

Wednesday, May 27th @ 4:30 PM EST / 9:30 PM UK


[AUSIA] Invasion of Mountain

Thursday, May 28th @ 3:00 AM EST / 8:00 AM UK


❗ Invasion of Cream Soda ❗ 


Saturday, May 30th @ 3:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM UK


I’d pun some more but CPPA is just a cheap knockoff of LT, so I really don’t have to say more. I’ll close with this,

Fear The Shield.

~Badboy, DCP Commander


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