The Dawn Of A New Age [PART 2]

Yea, I’m back blah blah blah. Lets just cut to the chase, shall we?

To read some history that was removed by your pal Musty, check out my post on the dawn of the first new age here: Its a good read.

Some of you, actually a lot of you may know me, some of you, probably most of you new fellas, do not. I am Badboy. (I picked this name in 2011 when I joined xat too late to change it now so shush it aint that serious) I have led the Doritos probably more times than any other army besides DW/SWAT. Aside from SWAT, this was always my home army. If SWAT was dead or I wasn’t there, I was in DCP. I decided to merge SWAT here not only because our way of recruiting & moving forward as an army died with CPO’s closure, but because DCP always was and STILL IS the army with the most potential. This army hit 60+ on a server that has been dead for years, BEFORE SWAT/some of LT even merged. And this tells me one thing and one thing only, we are ready to dominate. 

I can promise you a couple things as your leader because there’s a couple questions surrounding my goal here that I’ve already begun to hear, so let me answer some of them. Will there be multilogging? No just like I learned in rehab, I don’t gotta live like that no mo. Will there be war? Yes. But when we are ready. I will not make any moves or start any beef with anyone until me and the other leaders are sure its a fight we can win. DCP may be the biggest right now, but we have a lot of work to do. Will there be hype surrounding DCP now that we’ve merged? Yes there will be a ton of hype, DCP is the spot to go but this does not mean we forget who we are. Along with SWAT, DCP is my family and only if we work together as a collective unit & piggyback off each other’s confidence can we be successful. These are some guidelines I’ve set down for myself along with the rest of my ownership. We plan not to only add to your already massive size, but to bring some veteran leadership & skill on board and completely stack DCP with pros, which I feel we’ve done. I’ve given you some of the best owners/leaders in the game, and we will use it to our advantage.

I’d rather not bore you with all my history, so I’mma just drop a post right here from 2016 back when me and 32 led DCP to their only tournament win ever, which still stands till this day.

This was just a TASTE of what me, 32, & others were able to do with DCP and even get legitimate sizes of 50-60 when armies & a way to recruit were basically dead. DCP was unstoppable then, and we will be unstoppable now. I am here to restore us to this power. DCP has been big, but we’ve lurked in the shadows. Soon we will show the community our dominance.

A storm is brewing,

Fear The Shield

~Badboy, DCP Commander


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