DCPNC- May Catalogs Guide!

Hey guys! I m going to be walking through the new catalogs on CPO this morning.


Let’s start with the new penguin style


We’ve got some cool new Medieval backgrounds!

Royal Gear

Some awesome looking royal gear (still no royal robe though :sad:)

But wait. Is that?

Septer Secret

Canvas Cloud Shoes

A catalog secret!

Mystical items

Next page has some more mystical items. Even a shield! (though in the wrong color)

But wait? Is that another one?

Grey Shovel

Brown Plaid Scarf

A brown plaid scarf!

More medieval stuff

We have some more armor and dresses.

And also more secrets as well!


Questing vibes

We got a penguin over here lookin like Katnis Everdeen

And a pretty cool looking hoodie as well


Femal Royalty

This page is packed full of secrets

With not one, but TWO secret items just for you (:


For Everyone

We have both some knight and normal wear

As well as one last catalog secret that will get you there


Penguin at work

We also have a penguin working hard to get his share!

Next we have our furniture and igloo catalog! Yay!!


Dragons Lair

Cave Igloo

We start our catalog off with two new igloos!


Castle Walls and Stuff

We then move on to our first page. Look upon the stars and you may find, some catalog secrets that will take you far

Cool decorating stuff

Here we are on a page two, where the watch tower and wishing well have secrets for you!


If you want to start a garden, this is the page for you. It also has another two! (catalog secrets that is)


Dragons n stuff (roar)

Make a wish in the well. If your wish was for another secret, then wish granted!

Beach Stuff for some reason

We also have some beach stuff here because sure, that fits the theme very well. Why not?

As well as one last secret to take it home.

I hope this has helped you guys!


DCP 2ic and Legend

Until next time

Possum03 Signing Off


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