Hollywood Party, Part 2!

Hey guys! Here’s the answers to the rest of the challenges for the rest of the Hollywood party!

So for the High-speed Getaway, you need to do this!

So, simply go into the drivers seat of the car, go into the helicopter, and go on the red square in the building to jump out of it! Then you can collect the items!


So, what you need to do here is do an emote at these three sites!

So do any emote you want in those 3 parts of the set!

Make sure you collect the Golf Cart now superstar, and head to the awards!

Make sure you collect your golf cart superstar! Now we can go to the awards!

So make sure you collect these items! You can x out of that, and then you’re at the awards show!

Trick: it randomly chooses one person in the room, so go on the least populated servers so there’s less people!

The silver and gold awards will be the same, except you get a silver or gold award when chosen.

Don’t forget to throw snowballs at people to get the directors items too!

Till next time DCP,

They see me Rollin, they hatin

-Vivala (vivala1216), DCP Leader


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