New Era History Page

Hello troops!

A decent amount of people have been asking me the question

“Will you be updating the DCP history page?”

So in efforts to reply to those who have asked, my answer is yes. In matter of fact, I just created one today.

I decided to create a brand new page instead of adding onto the original DCP history page. This is to prevent the page from not only lagging from all of the photos and videos, but so that people don’t get overwhelmed with how much material there is to read on a single page. It also does not make much sense to have regular Club Penguin and CPOnline on the same page in the respect that the times, and the way things were, were completely different. This page is to symbolize the beginning of a new era of Club Penguin armies.

So without further-a-do, I present to you, the NEW DCPOnline History Page:

All content has been done and chosen by myself, just like the other history page. Therefore, I do not want any site staff to touch the page without getting consent from myself first. Thank you!



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