Good Evening Doritos,

I am Kim (Commonly known as Bam117)I was recruited to DCP by Wwebestfan in early 2010 and I have led extensively with Mustapha through the later years of the Doritos. I understand both sides of the perspective and I wish nothing but the best for both of them, as they have both been dear friends of mine for many years. I’m not sure what proctored peace in all this but i am glad that it happened  I am relieved to see it all come back together.

I have been observing for quite a bit of time now to give me a true grasp on the situation. With all the Virus stuff going around I ended up having a lot more time on my hands to watch things around here (Unfortunately it lined up perfectly for all these events to take its course). I am relieved to see it all come back together, In my attempts to not interfere with armies what so ever I had to witness a decent amount of commotion just as you all have recently. Jester and I attempted to be the middle man during all this and it failed entirely, for that I am sorry.

A quick notion to DCP, do not let this dampen you’re pride or your ability to fight against all odds. There are many armies and leaders who will try to slander you and this army with everything they have. In times like this it is important to come together and face off strongly against those odds. While i know im just a past veteran with not much pull anymore, I hope i can be the voice of reason to some of you. Don’t let it get to you and more importantly don’t let it get to this army.

The title is interesting isn’t it? 100 in particular stands for this being my 100th post on this site but it can also represent much more. When i originally led DCP i recall only maxing out over to near 100 once during a battle against an alliance trying to destroy us (Yes this tends to happen a lot with DCP, You guys probable know this well) But from what I’ve seen you all have maxed 100+ multiple times over the course of this year and the last, which means at the very least you all have done far better than I have. I commend every leader and every troop that has put in so much effort to this point, you all deserve a lot more credit than what you might get.

Know this DCP, You are strong- you have some of the best leaders ever made and some of the best Advisors looking over you. It will be an easy fix for you all to roll right back into battling the best and being the best.

Just know at the very least, It was a lot worse at one point


For now I will be disappearing for a bit to prepare myself for the next step in my life, I wish you all the best during this and just know I’m still checking.

~ Bam


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