Promotions April 15th

Thank You All For Coming To The Victory Parade

As we promised, everyone who attended the event will be promoted on the Ranks Page 

Fill out the form below in the comments section to be Promoted

  1. What is your Club Penguin Online username?

  2. What is your discord username?

  3. Did you attend the event and follow all of the orders?

  4. What is your current rank in the Doritos Army?

Note: This promotion does not apply to those who are Brigadier General and above.

Ranks Page:

~ Rah, Doritos Leader



9 Responses

  1. PurpleFlaw
    Brigadier General

  2. 1. Satchmo6124
    2. Satchmo
    3. Yes
    4. Head General

  3. 1. HexIsGone
    2. hex.#1020
    3. Yessir! DCP for Life
    4. Sergeant

  4. winniella1
    Dorito’s Private

  5. 1. HexIsGone
    2. hex.#1020
    3. Yup! DCP For Life!
    4. Sergeant

  6. 1. Kaylee1xo
    2. Kaylee✨
    3. Yes
    4. Corporal

  7. 1. bl0od4bl0od
    2. bl0od4bl0od
    3. Yes
    4. Private First Class

  8. koeto
    *bread ! パン 🍞#6969
    Yes, I did

  9. 1. Candy2108

    2. Candysweet2108 #0091

    3. yes

    4. Whatever is lowest (I’m new)

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