DCPAD – What is it and what’s going on there?

Summit, Doritos Capital – There has been a discussion going on about “DCP after dark”. Every community has their personal approaches of communicating with each other, perchance through making group chats or meetups. We had been intrigued in understanding what DCPAD is exactly, and what’s going on there. With that being said, today’s topic is about DCPAD.

Do you think DCPAD has changed the community?

“I think it’s brought everyone closer, because the whole ‘after dark’ gives it a whole other vibe and people sort of show their true selves and joke around.” Says Katie.

We have been getting fairly good responses to DCPAD,

Saikken thinks that; “DCPAD is a very supportive community and full of love despite how weird it can get sometimes. Everyone is very friendly as long as you are, and it’s truly a fun place to go to just relax and be yourself without having the standard rules.

Another response from JaceFRS who said; “DCPAD is like an outlet for us who want to talk about anything that is mature. Most of the things that happen inside DCPAD are NSFW and unfiltered mature conversations.

Most of our attendees answered the same, It had not really changed or impacted the community since not many people know about it. Although it has brought some people closer, attendees think the whole element of ‘after dark’ gives this whole other vibe where we all can vent about life and ongoing problems or things that are going good for them.

Could you give us a clue of what’s happening there?

Here are some brief explanations from our attendees;

Saikken said; “if you mean what we talk about, it’s honestly just about NSFW topics. Of course that’s not all we talk about, we also like to give people the opportunity to vent/talk about things that are going on in their life that could be upsetting to them”

Katie said; “Some people talk about different topics but it’s usually 16+ things but in a funny way. Everyone is comfortable with it, it’s mostly just joking around and having a laugh.”

JaceFRS said; “Most of the things that happens inside DCPAD is NSFW and unfiltered mature conversations.”

In conclusion, DCPAD (DCP after dark), is a non-mandatory “meetup” where we as members of this community get a chance to form unique bonds with one another and basically just talk.

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2 Responses

  1. How about an interview of my novel? Lots of people are expecting it.

  2. I would like to see an article where each week when it’s the troop of the week, you interview them and you make an article based off them. Also, you could have the leaders share some insight on what it takes to be a leader.

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