A Message to IW

To whom it may concern,

I find it quite hilarious how the “Drew Crew” has always found that they are the best trio in armies. Some may not know that the Ice Warriors was my very first army, and I actually did get the chance to lead Ice Warriors for a brief period in the summer of 2015 alongside Tax, where we ended and took over  DCP’s 1st place spot that they held onto for months prior, which was the start of another IW golden age after struggling for months to even make it into the top ten.

Andrew and his crew have tried to erase this history, and much of IW’s history, and I find it to be much of a disgrace in all honesty. My good friend and mentor, Iceyfeet1234 created IW in 2007 and led them as a solo leader for 5 years, keeping them in the top ten consistently and usually in the top three, legitimately.

Andrew came in and began leading IW in 2015 with his crew, which he led the Golds army prior to this, whom maxed 10 at events. His first IW leadership stint was during the time where multilogging was a big thing in armies, and I can confirm from being in the loop that he was doing the same thing as other armies while leading IW. Now you always see IW’s “DCP’s history is multilogging” tactics, but I don’t believe that should be aimed directly at DCP.

Andrew believes he’s another Iceyfeet, when he is the complete opposite. One is a legend, and one is a coward, a coward trying to destroy another mans legacy.


Iceyfeet1234’s IW didn’t need allies to help them at events.

New IW is Fake News.


With love,





5 Responses

  1. and this is why dcp is the best army, family forever 🧡

  2. […] being said, If you haven’t heard/seen what a guy named WweBestFan has posted on me – https://doritosofcp.com/2020/04/13/a-message-to-iw/  here you go. Basically what this kid wants is, he wants me to acknowledge him. He wants some […]

  3. Um hi. Just wondering why I was banned from the server

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