Defense of Grizzly [AUS] – Results

Hello, Dorito!

Today we faced IW and fought to defend our server, Grizzly. We did pretty good, we are improving our AUSIA division everyday! We showed out! They had some help from other armies who logged onto their uniforms and CPO staff but we learn and grow from loss. DCP Forever!





3 Responses

  1. Good job. Good luck in any battles next week Monday through Friday guys. I am leaving Monday morning on a trip. Its an 8-hour drive. I will miss you guys. I hope I don’t miss the tournament final!!

  2. 1- 0 Ceasar 0
    2- Caesar
    3- Yes!
    4- 4ic

  3. 1. Theonlypimp
    2. Skyfull#1826
    4. Brigaider general

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