Declaration of War

Hello, Doritos!

We are officially entering the state of war. This means all able Doritos must fight for the Doritos Empire.

DEFCON 1 – In the recent days the IW & their allies have decided to joint invade us. Both armies invading us at the same time. Cowardly move most would say, and as a result the Doritos Empire hereby declares war. Harsh repercussions are coming to those who challenge us. The Doritos war machine has awaken. The flame has been lit, and the Doritos will march together to liberate all land that has been invaded.

doritos vs everybody

We will annihilate all opponents who wish to envy our successes as we are the number 1 army, the greatest army to ever exist – and together we will continue to prove so. Today, we embark on a long journey, and if you aren’t apart of it – at least you get to witness! We fight to defeat those that want to bring us down. These are the same people who have had many failed attempts at stopping us before, now we must obliterate them once again.



Until later,

March On!



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  1. You boys be safe out there

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