Spring Formal Fun!

Hey DCP! Our Spring Formal was a huge success, here are some of the pics from it, along with the winners!

We started out in the Puffle Gala room,

But do to the mass amount of people attending, we moved it to the iceberg, with lockouts at the cove!

an absolutely amazing 125 PEOPLE CAME!!!!

The first category we had was Best Single (below 4ic)… these were the nominees!

And by popular vote, Semolinos won!

Next category was best single, 4ic and above! The nominees were…

And the winner was.. Ceaser!

The third category was best outfit, below 4ic (can be going with someone or single). The nominees were…

Purple Flaws glamorous look won!

The 4th category was best outfit, 4ic and above! the nominees were…

Everyone looked good, but Possums colorful look was the peoples favorite!

5th category: best LGBTQ couple! The nominees were…

Frozy and aggiepie

Cozen and Chevette

love the outfits

Wassim and Triangletug

Salty Soprano and JustATaco

Yeehawu and Coolbeans

The best LGBTQ couple winner was… Frozy and aggiepie!

The second to last category was best couple below 4ic. The nominees were…

Nagrom and fluffy

(unfortunately I can’t find a picture of them together)

Ava4Jackson and Jackal

Noob and Takis Girl (African Cupcake)

Saiken and Temp Queen

and Kookeron and CozeX

Kook and Coze were the winners for the best couple below 4ic!

and the final category was the Spring Formal King and Queen! The nominees were..

Gingersnap and fmt (Marie )

Possum and Mustapha

TheMightyA and Africa

Dragoniii (bartjester) and Cindy41700 (Jazmine)

(Unfortunately one of them was in the lockout room while one was on the iceberg, so there isn’t a picture of them together)

Rah and 32op


It was a super fun event, and thank you to everyone who came! More fun events to come in the future!

-Vivala (vivala1216), DCP Leader


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  1. I was indeed there

    1. white africa
    2. africa
    3. yeah i’m in one of the pics lol
    4. captain

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