March Madness Tournament Semi Finals – [Pt 2 of RESULTS]

Hello, Doritos!

We defeated the IW in what turned out to be the biggest battle in Club Penguin army history. 


This battle was intense. The outcome was super close. Deciding on the winner was very hard so we went into overtime. Ultimately, the Doritos fought hard and won! We did incredible, it was amazing to see everyone come together and work towards this victory.

What does this mean for us? This means we will be facing DW+IW both in the Finals, which will result in the DCP victory. DW helped IW in today’s battle, so this will just be the same result over again. They will both dress in blue (TWA uniform) which we have already defeated many times before in the past. The entire alliance dressed in blue was never able to beat us, and they won’t do it now. We don’t need to share our troops with other armies to win, we don’t need to become a “CPO mod fanclub” to win, we will bring the battle to them this weekend as a true army! This will be a DCP victory! Now, onto the results!

Battle video by DCP Legend Possum03!

Due to over 150 Doritos being on the server we ultimately filled up multiple rooms so it was hard to get footage of the battle room!

[Lots of images that you see with the same tactics but different rooms are two different rooms but the pictures were taken at the same exact times]


This is the DCP Legacy 

Fear the Shield



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  1. Man looking back, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since that historic battle. it’s crazy to think.

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