March Madness Semi-Finals Results [Victory]

Hello Doritos!

Today we absolutely demolished the Ice Warriors in a long hard fought battle. After they’ve trash talked us for so long, we finally shut them up by easily winning the battle. We’re the greatest to ever do this and we always will. If you’re not apart of us, well, at least you get to witness.

Max: 150

– The Oligarchy –

Wwebestfan, Mustapha10, 32op, Vivala, Gingersnap, Rahaima, Wassim, Zire, Marie & Rodgahs



2 Responses

  1. Looking back… gosh that was crazy. I remember that day. I remember how surprised we all were when we went to the clothing shop. I remember the time between the 3rd room and the 4th room, when we were all wondering what was happening, I remember it all…Those were the good times when we were at our peak.

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