A Scoop of March Madness

Summit, Doritos Capital

    The March Madness tournament has been going on since March 21st, soon coming to an end in about a week. DCP has fought with all we got to make it to where we are today, and that includes our will to get into finals. This coming Sunday, we have our semi-final battle against the Ice Warriors. For the past few weeks, everyone has been recruiting daily and reaching amazing numbers! DCP recently hit 5k in the discord, and within a few days after that, 5.3k. Our expected numbers at the semi-finals could reach over 250! We decided to interview a group of people about what they thought, and this is a collection and mix of what we got;

Do you think DCP is prepared for the semi-finals against Ice Warriors on Sunday?

Rahaima [Main Leader]: I believe DCP will be prepared and ready to go for our battle against the Ice Warriors on Sunday. We’ve been doing awesome with recruiting and making the server a fun place to be. Those factors have been going well so far and we’ll continue doing that. We also have amazing members that are excited and encouraged to do well at this battle and we’re determined to win it! If we keep up the determination, DCP will for sure be ready for Sunday!
Frenchkr [Head General]: I believe that DCP has come such a long way from the previous events. We have had many new recruits and plenty of practice events in order to help us prepare. We have never been more ready to face a team than before.
Katie [Lieutenant General]: Of course! We’ve had so many new recruits and everyone is so determined to beat IW once and for all. The energy is great and everyone is so hyped.
Janouz [Major General]: I am very confident and I think that all of our hard work will pay off in the end. We are going to crush this and surely win not only the semi-finals but the whole tourney.

In your opinion, have the brackets turned out how you think they would, or are they surprising?

Rahaima [Main Leader]: I find the brackets half surprising and half expected actually. I’ve seen some interesting outcomes throughout this whole tournament lately and it’ll be fascinating to see what’s in store in the following days. It’s been exciting seeing what other armies have to bring to these battles. It’s awesome seeing their formations and creative tactics.
Gidgit [2ic]: Definitely not surprising, Doritos are underestimated. We have made it this far bc we work together as a team. & when we do so we show that DCP isn’t an army to mess with.

TheMightyA [3ic]: At first the brackets seemed reasonable (but due to seeding it did suck that our first match would be against a small army that maxes 5) but then when we were supposed to go against the aliens, the brackets got swapped and we went against rf. It was a bit surprising but now the brackets are pretty good, and there have been some awesome battles with it!
Caesar [4ic]: I was honestly surprised by the outcome of DW against Pirates since Pirates are a really organized force and have a good number of people as well. But I can definitely say that DW has many good leaders and support from their members, so I can say it was definitely still a possible outcome and I congratulate them for such amazing leadership, teamwork and support that won them the game!!!

-If and when we defeat the Ice Warriors, do you believe we will come out on top against the Royals or Dark Warriors in the finals?

Rahaima [Main Leader]: Honestly, I guess we’ll see what the future has in store for us. I do believe we have the potential to come out on top if we continue to hustle and stay on the grind. It’s important to be positive and be a good sport no matter what. My main priority is that everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves. We wish the best of luck to the other armies competing as well.
Zire [Leader in Training]: I believe the winners of that battle will be Dark Warriors as they have surprised everyone through this tournament. They were an underdog in this tournament, no one expected them to get this far. As much as I want royals to get through I believe DW will be victorious over them
Janouz [Major General]: I do believe so, as I said before we are the most hardworking army out of all. We’ll never underestimate our opponents, but we will accomplish this victory because there’s no one that wants it more than we do.
Zay [Brigadier General]: Yes we will because I’ve heard that from the opening weeks of DCP, we have defeated every army that stood in our way and since we’re going up against medium-sized armies that max around the 30s or so, I’m not gonna say it’s easy but I may have my eyes closed when we beat them in the Finals.

-And finally, do you have any short motivation statements for the rest of DCP to hear?

Rahaima [Main Leader]: My advice is to focus on the positives and determine to see the better. As long as you continue to devote your hard work and effort with a good mindset, it will pay off eventually. This is a learning experience and for us to learn how to set reasonable expectations. Family Forever!

Zire [Leader in Training]: FAMILY FOREVER

Gidget [2ic]: Guys, you are my family! Hard work & dedication is the key to success. Y’all truly rock. Keep working hard & be amazing!

TheMightyA [3ic]: Just keep going, y’all can do anything if you put your mind to it. This army has grown so much since I joined about 3 months ago. We reached 100 maxes like its nothing. Keep recruiting, keep attending those events, everyone in DCP could be capable of leader or HCOM material. To become one, you just gotta act like one. DCP Forever!
Caesar [4ic]: Just gonna say that everything is possible if we do it together, and as long as we got each other, nothing will stop us from winning this tournament! I’m glad I got to meet all of you and I can’t thank enough for all the love everyone shared with me!!! Thank you DCP! Family Forever!
Frenchkr [Head General]: Keep going. No matter what you do keep going. Don’t quit and don’t give up. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Sunday is our chance to prove to CPO that we are a family. On Sunday lets come together as a family and show the Ice Warriors what we are truly made of.
Katie [Lieutenant General]: Keep going, keep fighting, even if it feels like an eternity. Even if you get ignored sometimes, that’s okay, we all have it. If you ever struggle with anything the staff is here for you. The whole of DCP is. Don’t ever feel like you’re unwanted, everyone plays there own role in the family and every one is greatly appreciated. I love you all ❤
Janouz [Major General]: We made history before and we will continue to do so. Fear our might, fear our wrath, fear the shield.
Zay [Brigadier General]: If you want to be an influence, be one. If you want to be a leader, act like one. If you want people to look up to you, convince them that you can take on whatever life throws. Family Forever!

    To wrap this all up, DCP is ready to destroy the Ice Warriors on Sunday, we have what it takes!  Make sure to attend, you wouldn’t want to miss this battle! This March Madness tournament win will be ours, keep recruiting, keep the hype up, it will all pay off in the long-run DCP! Family forever!

Daily Crunch Reporter


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