DCPNC- March 28th and 29th Puffle Party guide

Hey DCP! this post is gonna have the answers for the daily challenges for the 28th and 29th!

So starting with the challenge for the 28th!

Let’s start!

There are a couple of these around the island. to open them, click on them 3 times!

Nothing in here 😦

So here’s the rooms where I found food in the puffle statues!

The Docks
The Forest
The Beacon (top of the lighthouse)

You can collect these rewards now!

Now for the March 29th challenge…

You can either press “Go there!” or you can go to puffle wild, and take the path going to the right!

You’ll see this room!

Throw snowballs (which in this room are berries) at puffles that pop up and have their mouths open! They don’t stay still long though, so you have to be quick! If you don’t already have this stamp, you will earn it by throwing 50 berries!

Tip: press T on your keyboard to throw snowballs, its faster than moving your mouse to the snowball icon and moving it back to a puffle!

Once you’ve given 50 berries to puffles, this will pop up

That’s it for the 28th and 29th challenges! I’ll keep you guys updated!

-Vivala (vivala1216), DCP Leader


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