March Madness Round One Results!

Hey Doritos!

On Sunday, we headed out to Klondike again to take on the Fish Warriors. Lest be known, we ended up, again, triumphing in a battle. We are unstoppable!! We ended up maxing 63 Doritos online. Good job Doritos! And GG Fish Warriors!

DCP in room before battle starts with a max of 63
DCP in first room with a very nice EH tactic.
DCP with a very nice word tactic in the first room
DCP in first room making a formation change
Doritos enter the second room,cove, with a great bomb
DCP then reforms into a beautiiful circle formation
DCP then reforms into a V and does a ‘Lord Pain owns tactic’. Hmm.. wonder what that means :e7:
DCP then follows that interesting tactic up with a split V emote tactic. Very nice!
DCP then enters the final room on a great J bomb!! NOICE!
DCP then surrounds the Fish and does a police like tactic. Lol wwe.
DCP then spreads out and shows their true size with a great E6 tactic.
DCP ends off with a birthday wish to the leader of Fish Warriors and former Doritos staff member, Fishy.
Great battle doritos and Fish warriors alike!!


Doritos Legend and Leader


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